Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord, as His diving power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue, by which have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises, that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.
2 Peter 1:2-4
“Moving men from isolation to connection to engagement”
The Men's Ministry offers an opportunity for men to connect with and serve one another in Christ through testimonies, friendship, service and prayer. We strive to provide a place for all men interested in learning more about Jesus or growing in their faith while spurring one another on in their journey. You are welcome to join us regardless of whether you are connected to a church or not.
Through the spoken Word, friendship, service and prayer move men from:
    - Isolation to connection
    - Life in the flesh to life in the Spirit
    - Living for this world to living for His kingdom
Monthly Men's Breakfasts: Meets at COSC the last Saturday of each month, 9:00am-10:30am. Our agenda for these gatherings include breakfast, fellowship, several testimonies from men on the current men's ministry theme, and prayer for any who request it.

Annual Men's Retreats: Held at a retreat center in Virginia at the end of January. Our annual men's retreat kicks off the men's ministry theme for the year, and offers a day and a half of fellowship, sports, mentoring, worship, prayer

Men's Quads: Quads are groups of three to five committed men who meet regularly over the course of a year to encourage and pray for one another.

Vocational Guidance: By request.

Sports Activities: We currently hold weekly pick-up basketball games, have a flag football team in the Fall, and other regular opportunities for fellowship and connection.

For more information about any of the above activities or to subscribe to the COSC Men’s Ministry distribution list, email Bo Parker at
For immediate contact/prayer call:
Bo Parker 703-379-7012
Brian Slusarz 847-971-1172l


    Matthew Tropiano*
    Terry Colvin
    Matt Jacoby
    Pete Maki
    Bo Parker
    Brian Slusarz
    Aaron Tagert
    Regis Vogt

About Ministries
At Christ Our Shepherd we seek to serve our congregation in specific ways according to their specific needs and desires. We have ministries for Men, Women, Youth and Children, with opportunities for you to get involved. We also have opportunities for you to serve through Worship Team, receive prayer from our Prayer Team, and come alongside our local and international Ministries, Care Company and The Antioch Group.  We invite you to learn more and get involved!
- About Us
Care Company is the local outreach ministry of Christ Our Shepherd Church. We seek to inspire and equip hearts and minds to follow Jesus in practically caring for needs among neighbors.
We provide resources to help you understand the calling to love our neighbors as well as know and understand the specific needs of our neighborhood.

We connect you with stories of people loving and being loved by their neighbors.
We equip you to act by connecting you with resources, programs, and opportunities.
We encourage you and come alongside you in the ways you are already helping and loving your neighbors.



- Mission

To mobilize the members of Christ Our Shepherd Church to show the love of Christ to the poor, marginalized, and all those in need in the Washington, DC metro area.

“Therefore go and make disciples..., baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” (Matt. 28:13)

“You shall love the Lord your God..., and your neighbor...” (Luke 10:27)

“‘But a Samaritan… when he saw [the man who had fallen among the robbers], he had compassion….and bound up his wounds... Then he set him on his own animal and brought him to an inn and took care of him…Which… proved to be a neighbor to the man who fell among the robbers?” [The lawyer] said, “The one who showed him mercy”… And Jesus said to him, 

You go, and do likewise.’” (Luke 10:33-37)



Tabitha Grant

Why Tabitha?
The story of Tabitha is found in Acts 9:36-43. Tabitha was a disciple from Joppa, known “for always doing good and helping the poor” as well as making robes and clothing. She became sick and died. The disciples and her friends sent for Peter asking for his help. Peter came and prayed and Tabitha came back to life. There was much rejoicing and “many people believed in the Lord” in Joppa.
We can be inspired both by Tabitha and her service to the poor, widows and all those in need, but also by her friends who went out to seek help on behalf of Tabitha.
The Tabitha Grant is designed to encourage Tabithas and friends of Tabithas in our community who are following and fulfilling God’s commandment to “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Luke 10:27).

Grant Objectives
Tabitha Grant seeks to:

  • Support worthy organizations which are “loving their neighbor” in our city and which might need financial help in getting off the ground or building capacity
  • Equip members of Christ Our Shepherd Church body to identify these organizations and apply for grants
  • Encourage members of Christ Our Shepherd Church and come alongside them in their involvement with various organizations in our city




General Grant Criteria

  • The applicant must be an active member of COSC and participate in a homegroup.
  • The applicant must be involved in and support the beneficiary organization either as a donor, a volunteer, an employee, a board member, or similar.
  • Preference will be given to applications submitted by multiple COSC congregants who all currently support and are involved with the same beneficiary organization.
  • The beneficiary should be an organization that is aligned with the core values of Care Company and Christ Our Shepherd Church.
  • The grants will be given in the amounts ranging from $500 to $2500 (depending on the number of COSC members involved in the organization, the mission, activities and the needs of the organization, the funds available, and other criteria determined by the Tabitha Grant team).


Grant Process

- Vision

A city that experiences the transforming power of the love of Christ through the Church and community acting in unity.



We want to hear about your service! Please fill out this Care Company Questionnaire so that we can learn about the ways you are serving in the city and can connect, support and help.


Jesus said, "Suffer little children, and forbid them not to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

Children were important to Jesus, and they are important to us. God is the master architect and builder of each unique child, but we as a community of believers and parents are the workers God uses to build up each child.

Our Vision: Every generation Planted in Christ and Flourishing in the House of God.

Our Mission: To engage lovingly, pursue purposefully, relate intentionally with the next generation, teaching them to KNOW God truly, GROW together spiritually and to SHOW God's love faithfully.

We hope you join us!
For Children's Ministry registration click here

Leader: Chantel F. Grant

Women's Ministry

“One generation will praise Your works to another, and will declare Your mighty deeds.” Psalm 145:4.

Christ Our Shepherd women represent several generations, and each woman has her own story of God’s work in her life. Over the course of the year, we aim to make a space for women to see God at work in their lives and share that with others in the context of Christian community!


Bible Study
Two groups meet to do the Bible study:
One group meets weekly on Thursday mornings at 10 am. Location is COSC.
Second group meets on Monday nights (2-3x per month) at 7 pm. Location is COSC.

If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth McBurney,

Prayer Groups
We encourage you to form prayer groups - small groups of women that will meet weekly, to grow in prayer and to develop deep care and love for each other. This is a similar concept to the men's quads, which is something our men's ministry has encouraged for the last several years. Here are some basic guidelines for women's prayer groups:

The recommended size is three (four max)
If you’re not sure who to ask, start with women in your homegroup or other friends you are close to
Consider women who are like-minded in purpose for such a group
Once you’ve joined a prayer group, discuss and agree together on general expectations
Commit to a set period of time, pray about whether God would have you continue after that, or split and invite new women to join you
Be open to how God leads, including the possibility of splitting into new groups in the future and including new women

Women's Yahoo Group
The purpose of the yahoo group is to connect the women of our church and to share information about women's ministry events. You are free to pass on items of interest, but please consider whether the majority of the members of the yahoo group would be interested in your communication, prior to sending. **Also, please realize that postings do not go through an approval process (either by an individual, the women's ministry team, or the church). If you have any questions about the yahoo group, please contact Jen Smoker at Thanks!

To subscribe, email:
To post messages, email

We encourage you to choose intentionality, in the relationships God's given us through our church community! Find out who else shares similar passions and desires by attending women's fellowship events; details for these will be shared via the women's yahoo group. The women's ministry will organize a few such events, but we also encourage you to organize a fellowship opportunity or service activity that you and others are interested in! Feel free to use the women's yahoo group for coordination. Email Eileen at if you have suggestions, ideas or questions about how to build relationships through community fellowship.

The Women's Ministry Team
Our heart is to serve the church body of Christ Our Shepherd, by serving the women! Please share your thoughts and ideas with us!

Eileen Martin-Yeboah -
Elizabeth McBurney -

At Christ Our Shepherd Church it is understood that Healing Prayer is a valuable part of bringing restoration of wholeness, well-being and health of mind, emotions, body and soul where there has been loss of such for any reason.

Healing Prayer is not a counseling service, nor is it considered a professional service. It is a response to scriptural encouragements to brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for one another.

All information given during a time of Healing Prayer is considered strictly confidential. It will not be discussed outside of those circumstances unless the information shared is considered harmful to that person or others, at which point pastoral counsel may be sought.

All contacts should be made through the Church Office. (202) 544-9599


Altar Prayer
Following Sunday morning services individuals may come to the altar to be prayed for by someone from the Healing Prayer Team. Although this is a relatively short time it can be a most effective place of healing.
The following opportunities are available to homegroup attendees, by appointment through the church office:

Healing Prayer Service
On the 3rd Tuesday evening each month a service is held for those asking for healing prayer. Each person is assigned to a small team of two or three prayer ministers. A prayer appointment is about 20-30 minutes. The service concludes with communion. Others may come to sit quietly and pray in the sanctuary during this time. However, they must notify the office that they plan to attend.
Private Extended Prayer
If an individual feels the need for extended ministry they may contact the office for an initial interview, after which it can be agreed between both parties that additional prayer is necessary. That individual can then meet with assigned prayer ministers (usually two) for a limit of four sessions, each between one and two hours for prayer.
Soaking Prayer
In particular circumstances, such as serious illness, it is sometimes deemed necessary to have a team of people pray for long periods. This is usually determined at the discretion of the Elders.
Prayer with the Elders
In accordance with scripture (James 5:14), the Elders are willing and available as time permits to pray with any person for whom it is considered appropriate.

Spiritual Healing: The greatest healing of the soul is salvation. Other spiritual healing will take place as we grow in the Lord and as we pray for each other. (Jn. 3:16, 10:10)
Physical Healing: Although we recognize that we do not always experience the physical healing we often desire, we do understand from scripture that we are to always ask for it and many times experience it. (Ps. 103:3; Is. 53:4-5)
Emotional or Inner Healing: We may need healing because of a hidden hurt done to us by others or by circumstances. This kind of healing comes only from the Lord. (Ps. 34:4, 18; Is. 61:2)
Deliverance: Spiritual deliverance can be understood in the broadest of terms, including the lifting of oppression and the breaking of bondage, as well as relief from the influence of demonic forces. (2Cor. 10:4-5; 1Jn 4:4)
Ongoing healing prayer training is offered. Please call the office for further information.


At COSC, worship is one of our highest priorities. We worship through the preaching and teaching of the Word, by taking communion, by giving our time and resources and by honoring and serving God in every area of our lives, as well as expressing our hearts through music, dance, and other art forms.

In our Sunday gatherings and mid-week homegroup meetings, worship is one of the means we have for exalting, praising and expressing our love for God. In our expressions of worship, God is blessed and glorified, and we are refreshed, healed and renewed in our understanding of who He is and what He has done for us. We aim to draw closer to God and to experience both the awe and intimacy of being in His presence.

It is always our desire to continue to expand the depth and breath of the worship team, and to identify, nurture and release persons gifted by the Lord to participate in leading worship in a variety of different ministry settings.


A sense of calling to minister in music, dance, technical service or other artistic expressions during this season of your life. Many people are gifted musically but a smaller number are called by God to minister in the church. (1Chr. 25:1,6-8; 1Cor. 12:4-7)
A commitment to grow artistically. Humility and a desire to continually improve one's skill are more important than your present capabilities. (Ps. 33:3; 2Sa. 24:24)
Established relationships of trust and accountability in the church, including through one of the homegroups. (1Cor. 12:14-27)
Regular attendance at Sunday worship services and worship team meetings. (Heb. 10:24-25)

Attend worship team meetings and introduce yourself to the team. Bring your instrument, voice, dancing feet, technical knowledge, or art supplies and worship with the team in rehearsal. If the Lord is raising you up, you won't have to sell yourself.
Demonstrate long-term commitment. Volunteer to help out wherever possible. Begin to work with your homegroup leader and homegroup worship leader in a support capacity.
Meet with the worship team leaders.
For more information on the worship team at COSC, please pick up one of our brochures in the lobby at the church.



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