As a body, we are called to serve Washington D.C. and the Metro area in the practicality of showing care through good deeds and kind words to all. And to have informed engagement with what God is doing in the world, praying for all nations, and a prayerful involvement in the specific missions projects with which we are entrusted. 

The Care Company

Care Company is the Local outreach ministry of Christ Our Shepherd Church. We seek to inspire and equip hearts, minds, hands, and feet to follow Jesus in practically caring for our neighbors. Our vision is a city that experiences the transforming power of the love of Christ through the Church and community acting in unity. 

  • We provide resources to help you know and understand the specific needs in our Washington D.C. metro area.
  • We equip you to act by connecting you with resources, programs, opportunities and partner organizations.
  • We encourage you, offer practical help, and come alongside you in the ways you are already helping and loving your neighbors.

The Antioch Group (TAG)

The Antioch Group is a nonprofit organization that serves as the international outreach of Christ Our Shepherd Church. It is a response to the needs for our missions and missioners to be characterized by caring and supporting relationships and by increasing returns on all investments in people and projects around the world.


Though we are not exclusively like any of the following, we have components of all of them.

  • A Missions Society: We send missioners to various assignments; support a wide variety of individuals and organizations engaged in evangelistic and entrepreneurial projects that focus on relief and development and the recovery of creational justice for the poor;  and we provide a pastoral community.
  • A Grant Foundation: We request, apply for, receive and distribute available funds to approved and proven projects.
  • Managers: We facilitate and oversee approved projects, ensuring they remain sustainable, accountable and profitable.
  • Brokers: We advise people about contribution placements that will produce a high yield in their chosen area of concern and interes.