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Care Company 2020 

Items Needed for households in our city

An important exhortation from our elders is to focus on how we can care for our neighbors and city.  We are currently working closely with Josh Robinson and Good Hope Church, and our other congregational ministry connections. Here is a list of things that we are currently collecting for various ministries.


Food Items

  • Peanut butter, jelly, and bread
  • Canned meat (tuna, chicken, etc.)
  • Breakfast foods (oatmeal, bars, cereal, etc.)
  • Easy lunch items for kids
  • Snacks for kids, especially between the ages of 2-8
  • Juice boxes & milk boxes


Kids Supplies

  • Diapers, specifically sizes 3, 4, and 5 & baby wipes
  • Playdough, crayons, coloring books, children’s books for pre-school age & early readers
  • Old iPads or laptops to donated for home school needs



  • Toothpaste & toothbrushes 
  • Deodorant
  • Hair shampoo & conditioner
  • Hand soap & Lotion
  • Sanitary pads
  • Laundry detergent
  • Toilet paper 
  • First aid kit


If you can participate, please drop your items off at the church. Our office hours are variable right now, but if we are not at the office there is a bin near the office door behind the church where you can put your items. Let us know if you know ministries that have any other needs!