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PLEASE RSVP FOR CHURCH CLEANING: As our expression of church on September 4 at 11am we will be taking part in a church-wide day of service! We will glean potatoes for the poor with First Fruits Farm in Freeland, MD. Please take a minute to RSVP so we can get an idea of numbers for morning snacks and reservations for our picnic site. RSVP HERE. (There will be no Sunday morning service at COSC that day.)

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08/21/16 - Acts: A Witness of the Gospel
by Bo Parker

As we continue in the Acts story, I continue to consider how the story challenges us in the area of evangelism. This story, which focuses on the spread of the gospel, causes us to look at the story of our own lives. How much do you experience the spread of the gospel? How often are you seeing people come to Christ? If we do not experience in our lives what we are reading about in Acts, why not? That is a question that we all should be asking ourselves and one another. What is our response to this? Certainly we can determine to apply ourselves more to evangelism. What might that look like for you?


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