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DISCIPLESHIP GROUPS: Please click here for a complete list of our summer groups. Contact the leader listed for the group you would like more information about and to sign up. Some groups will finalize dates and times based on the individuals attending.

WE WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR SERVICE: This survey is meant to gather information about ways you are serving in the city so that we can support and connect other people to a ministry that you are passionate about. Please remember to fill out the Care Company Questionnaire sent via email to those who provided their info through their homegroup. If you have not received one, but would like to tell us about your involvement in the community, please find the questionnaire HERE.






06/20/17 - Our Father's Shaping Love                               by Bo Parker

On Father’s Day we looked at the aspect of fatherhood that is a shaping or molding role. We looked at it not from the perspective that we are called to do it, but rather from the perspective that this is something that we experience from our heavenly father. It is something that God does with us, but do not we recognize and appreciate it? The nurturing aspect of good parenting, generally more associated with motherhood, is still highly valued. We want our needs and the provision of our needs to be central. We want allies who will be committed to our happiness and fulfillment as we define and pursue it. ...That role, more often associated with fatherhood, is seen as unnecessary and even detrimental. Reflect on this perspective on fatherhood.


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