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NEWCOMERS CLASS: For those wanting to make COSC their church home, we’ll be having a Newcomer’s Class starting on October 19th from 7:30-9pm in the Fellowship Hall. It will be a total of 3 classes, dates determined by availability. Contact Bo for more information.

ANACOSTIA HISTORICAL TOUR: Consider joining our second historical tour this Fall, which will provide insight into issues of historical injustices in DC, with a focus on the Anacostia neighborhood. Kate Denson, on staff with InterVarsity, will be leading the walking tour, October 29, noon-3:30pm, beginning with lunch. There is a suggested donation of $10. To join, contact Seamus@carecompanydc.org




10/09/16 - Acts: Apostolic Women                         by Stuart McAlpine

On Sunday I referred to the long and entrenched history that had cast a shadow over women’s lives and ministries in the church. But it is not only to the Garden of Eden that we go for answers, but more importantly to the Garden of the empty tomb, that liberates us to work out, discover, and experience the implications of this mighty redemption for men and women, equally the image of God, who in Christ become God’s new humanity. My point in Sunday’s message was to assert the importance of the Acts narrative in honoring the spiritual ministry and leadership of women, both consistent with what preceded it in the gospels, and ground-breaking in its expectations of what would be normative in the church.

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