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PARENTAL GUIDANCE DINNER - Join us for an evening to discuss the gospel in our parenting - January 20, 5:30-7:30pm! Whether or not you were able to join us for the conference in November, this will be an evening for parents of any age children to support and encourage one another in this mighty task. Childcare is available ($10 per kid) funds for youth mission trip. (Scholarships available - contact Chantel for the code before you register). REGISTER HERE

MEN'S RETREAT REGISTRATION: Arrive Saturday morning, February 10 – registration will begin at 10:00 a.m. Breakfast is NOT provided, but you can stop and grab something on the way. We’ll leave on Sunday, February 11 before lunch. You are encouraged to get lunch on the road with some guys. The total cost is $90. Please pay online (deposit of $20 required to register). Additional funds are welcome to cover the cost of scholarships (included as add-on). REGISTER HERE

12/10/2017  Thorny Theological Tangents                    by Bo Parker

Hebrews chapters 5 and 6 are in the midst of a long section on Jesus as High Priest. This is another case of presenting Jesus as superior to Judaism in that Jesus is a far superior high priest. We can understand how this would be meaningful to Jewish Christians who are tempted to return to Judaism. But how does Jesus as High Priest apply to our lives? One of the values of studying Hebrews is that we are called to pay attention to our Jewish roots. In drifting from those roots, we may be missing some important foundational elements of Christian faith. Jews of this time were very aware that they needed priests and a high priest to mediate between them and God. They would never dare to attempt to draw near to God themselves. This is a far cry from the popular notion of God as highly approachable.

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